Use your church website as a church management system

Let your website lift the weight We know that life in ministry is incredibly busy. So when we were developing the SameVine website platform, we wanted to ensure that our websites didn’t just look great, but could be used as a church management system to help improve efficiency. SameVine websites are designed with two core purposes in […]

5 ways to put your church website to work

I wrote a post entitled ‘Does your church website serve it’s purpose‘, in which I stated that your church website shouldn’t just look good but it should help achieve your church goals, essentially your website should be working for your ministry. In this post I wanted to elaborate and provide five concrete ways you could (and […]

Does your church website serve its purpose?

I have a question for you; Why does your church website exist – what is it that you want your website to bring to your ministry?  This is an important question to ask before you even begin working on your website, because your ‘why’ will always determine the ‘what’ of your website. In other words, […]