Social media and the Church

With billions of users on Facebook and many connected to social media (especially young adults) can the church afford to ignore its potential to engage new converts, promote events and communicate it’s message? Listen to Katrina Douglas co-founder of SameVine as she shares useful tips for Leaders and their Media Departments on how to get the […]

How to promote your church: 5 tips

The options for promoting your church are endless, but before you delve into the ‘how’ it’s prudent to clarify the ‘why’. There are numerous reasons to promote your church, in fact most churches will have multiple reasons. It’s important to pin down what the most important reasons are, as the ‘why’ will determine the ‘how’. […]

Free social media tools for your church

There are a number of social media tools available to help you manage your social media more effectively and efficiently. In this post we’ll be sharing our favourites. HootSuite Social media is similar to every other form of social interaction, if you don’t speak you’ll automatically be removed from the conversation and others will simply continue […]

Church social media planning by objectives

In this post we want to build on our previous post entitled Social Media: Post with purpose. Specifically we wanted to provide some additional advice on how to post with purpose, and it all starts with your objectives. The key question is why are you using social media? The answers to this question should form […]

6 tips for spreading Sunday sermons online

Our pastors spend a lot of time in prayer and study to deliver a Word on Sundays that is perfect for the people. So it seems a shame that once the message is over that’s it. Yes, many churches record the message for sale after service, but it rarely goes further than the membership. The […]

Social Media: Post with purpose

We’re huge social media fans and it’s something that we feel should most definitely be part of your Church communication plan. However, social media is one of those things that can take on a life of its own. If you’re not careful it can be a huge drain on your time, stimulate mindless chatter and […]

10 top tips for getting started with Twitter

Twitter is one of our favourite social media sites; it may not be as big as Facebook but it’s a place of vibrant and genuine conversation, a place where people congregate around creative ideas and topics they care about. Twitter has the potential to be a very useful tool for most organisations but most don’t […]

5 ways churches can use infographics

If you’ve spent any time on social media, the chances are you would have come across infographics, these are simply visual representations of information or data. Infographics have been a big trend on social media for a while now, which is largely because visual content is often a superior way to present content as most […]

3 Tips for scheduling your church’s social media content in advance

Before we delve into this post it’s worth noting that one of the biggest benefits of social media is that it enables you to engage with real-people in real-time so whenever possible that’s the primary way you should use it. However, scheduling content to your social media pages can be a useful and valuable way […]