SameVine SEO Service: Helping the church show-up in Google

It’s one thing to have a website quite another to get your website to show-up in Google. Our mission is to help churches and Christian based organisations not just get online but to succeed online, and that involves making sure they are visible in search engines. We gave you a few pointers in a previous […]

The anatomy of an effective blog post

Our last post was all about getting your church blog off to a flying start. So in this post we thought it would be fitting to go into more detail regarding how to create an effective blog post and the key elements that you should include. Blogging requires a significant time investment, so if you […]

3 tips to get your church website found online

There are many elements to building a successful web presence, getting your church website online is an important one, but there are others. Once you get your website online the next important element is getting your website found, the practice of getting found online is called search engine optimisation (SEO). Here’s a brief introduction courtesy […]