4 email marketing musts for your ministry

As mentioned in our last post, we’re big fans of email and it’s one of the best and easiest ways for you to raise the profile of your ministry and communicate with people online. We highly recommend using email to communicate with your members and wider network. For the sake of clarity here is a definition of […]

3 ways to use email that your church may not have thought of

With all the digital communication channels that now exist, email can seem old hat, but it’s still one of our favourites. Despite the plethora of new channels that have emerged, email still remains one of the most widely used forms of communication. For most people it is also their preferred method of communication with organisations […]

5 tips for maintaining your church database

Now this isn’t the most riveting of subject matters but it is the foundation for communicating effectively with your members, visitors and other stakeholders. It’s your church database. Now I know that most churches have a database of some kind, but for the most part these databases are out of date and/or incomplete. The fact […]