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  • 19 tips for building a church communication strategy

    Download our ebook and learn how to communicate more effectively with the people you want to reach We all know communication is key, but sometimes communicating with people effectively is easier said than done. When you communicate one-to-one it’s relatively easy to convey a message clearly, and there is little chance of your message not […]

    4 email marketing musts for your ministry

    As mentioned in our last post, we’re big fans of email and it’s one of the best and easiest ways for you to raise the profile of your ministry and communicate with people online. We highly recommend using email to communicate with your members and wider network. For the sake of clarity here is a definition of […]

    How to promote your church: 5 tips

    The options for promoting your church are endless, but before you delve into the ‘how’ it’s prudent to clarify the ‘why’. There are numerous reasons to promote your church, in fact most churches will have multiple reasons. It’s important to pin down what the most important reasons are, as the ‘why’ will determine the ‘how’. […]

    Introducing the church marketing funnel

    If you’ve read our last few blog posts you will be aware of a model we’ve created called the ‘church marketing funnel’, in this post we thought we’d explain it in more detail. The church marketing funnel is an adaptation of the traditional marketing funnel which illustrates the journey of a consumer to a purchase […]

    Do you need help with your church communications?

    Church communication isn’t as straightforward as it once was. Once upon a time it consisted of little more than weekly announcements and the church newsletter printed out on a couple of sheets of A4. How times have changed, with the rise of online communications the way we communicate has evolved, and we believe the way churches […]

    Types of communication strategies for churches and charities

    What is a communication strategy? A communication strategy is the blueprint that will be used to exchange information between your organisation and your community. There are various types of strategies that you can utilise to reach your community, the one best suited to you depends primarily on your church objectives and the resources you have […]

    The key components of a church communication plan

    I was looking at our website analytics data recently and realised that our blog post ‘4 simple steps for creating a church communication plan‘ is one of our most popular posts. Also, When people browse our website it seems that ‘communications plan’ is one of the most popular tags they click on. So we took […]

    The anatomy of an effective blog post

    Our last post was all about getting your church blog off to a flying start. So in this post we thought it would be fitting to go into more detail regarding how to create an effective blog post and the key elements that you should include. Blogging requires a significant time investment, so if you […]

    5 tips to get your church blog off to a flying start

    First things first what is a blog? A blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style – WikiPedia In recent years blogs have become more popular than traditional websites. Perhaps this is because their tone and […]

    6 tips for spreading Sunday sermons online

    Our pastors spend a lot of time in prayer and study to deliver a Word on Sundays that is perfect for the people. So it seems a shame that once the message is over that’s it. Yes, many churches record the message for sale after service, but it rarely goes further than the membership. The […]