How to promote your church: 5 tips

The options for promoting your church are endless, but before you delve into the ‘how’ it’s prudent to clarify the ‘why’. There are numerous reasons to promote your church, in fact most churches will have multiple reasons. It’s important to pin down what the most important reasons are, as the ‘why’ will determine the ‘how’. […]

Are you abiding in Christ, the true Vine?

Our priority is always to stay connected to the Vine and help you do the same (hence our name). So every now and again we feel the need to do away with digital advice and share some reflections that we’ve gleaned from the Word of God. This is one of those posts. John 15:4 (NKJV) […]

Introducing the church marketing funnel

If you’ve read our last few blog posts you will be aware of a model we’ve created called the ‘church marketing funnel’, in this post we thought we’d explain it in more detail. The church marketing funnel is an adaptation of the traditional marketing funnel which illustrates the journey of a consumer to a purchase […]

Do you need help with your church communications?

Church communication isn’t as straightforward as it once was. Once upon a time it consisted of little more than weekly announcements and the church newsletter printed out on a couple of sheets of A4. How times have changed, with the rise of online communications the way we communicate has evolved, and we believe the way churches […]

Types of communication strategies for churches and charities

What is a communication strategy? A communication strategy is the blueprint that will be used to exchange information between your organisation and your community. There are various types of strategies that you can utilise to reach your community, the one best suited to you depends primarily on your church objectives and the resources you have […]

The key components of a church communication plan

I was looking at our website analytics data recently and realised that our blog post ‘4 simple steps for creating a church communication plan‘ is one of our most popular posts. Also, When people browse our website it seems that ‘communications plan’ is one of the most popular tags they click on. So we took […]

A few reasons to join us at the Premier Digital Conference 2015

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you may already know that we will be co-sponsoring the Premier Digital Conference 2015 and we are super excited about it! The Premier Digital Conference 2015 is about enabling the Christian community to make an impact online through what we create. Whether your interest is websites, social […]

5 Great examples of personalised communication

This week we’ve been talking about the importance of managing your church data, and how effective data management can help you communicate in a more effective and personal way. In this post we thought we’d provide some inspiration and show you some examples of personalised communication that has impressed us. These examples are from all types of […]

The perks of personalising your church communication

One of the primary purposes of church communication is to build relationships with members and the community. It’s quite difficult to build relationships if you don’t communicate at a personal level. And you cannot communicate personally if you don’t have the necessary information to personalise church communication, which is why collecting and managing data is […]

The key to improving your church communication

We’ve noticed that many churches encounter problems with their church communication, for one key reason and it is this; they are using inaccurate, incomplete and outdated information about their congregation and community to communicate. Most churches have a lot of information about their congregation held in various places, but relatively few have organised databases. A […]