The anatomy of an effective blog post

Our last post was all about getting your church blog off to a flying start. So in this post we thought it would be fitting to go into more detail regarding how to create an effective blog post and the key elements that you should include. Blogging requires a significant time investment, so if you […]

5 tips to get your church blog off to a flying start

First things first what is a blog? A blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style – WikiPedia In recent years blogs have become more popular than traditional websites. Perhaps this is because their tone and […]

This is why your ministry needs a strong online presence

Having a GOOD website for your ministry is a must The picture above says it all, we have officially become an Internet generation. When we want or need something our first port of call tends to be Google, whether we’re looking for a new car or a church address. If you cannot be found on the […]

3 ways to add personalisation to your church website

As mentioned in one of our posts last week, the primary purpose of church communication is to build relationships with members and the wider community. In order to build relationships we have to communicate with one another in a personal way, which involves sharing information that is relevant to individual needs, answering specific questions people […]

Church event landing pages: Tips and best practice examples

We’re continuing with the theme of church events this week and discussing best practice examples of church event landing pages. Before we go any further it’s worth clarifying what a landing page is: “In the purest sense a landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at or ‘land’ on. However, when […]

5 tips for making your church an attractive online destination

Is your church going around the houses instead of entering an open door? According to a study by GlobalWebIndex in 2014 people spent on average 6hrs a day on the Internet, that’s significant! Clearly the world-wide-web is an open door that provides unrivalled access to the people the church is called to serve. Our goal […]

10 reasons to consider SameVine for your church website

Let me first start by saying there are a number of church website providers that do a great job of getting churches online. The purpose of this post is not to tell you that we are better than any others, the website provider that is best for you depends entirely on your needs. Our aim […]

Is your church website mobile friendly?

Why mobile optimisation is so important You may or may not know but yesterday Google released an update that many in the online industry are calling ‘mobilegeddon’ this is what Google had to say about the update on it’s mobile central blog: We’re boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. Now searchers […]

Top 10 domains for churches (alternatives to .org)

Do you know that your church doesn’t have to stick with a .org for your church website? There are now plenty of alternative domains for churches thanks to the release of a whole host of new domains (your address on the web). Most churches have a .org which is still a great option but most […]

How to choose the right church web presence

Deciding whether or not you need a website, is seemingly easy – in this digital age, of course you need one! However, deciding on the type of website you need, could require more thought. It is important to bear in mind at this stage that there is no right or wrong solution, what’s important is […]