How to promote your videos

I’ve spoken previously about how much we love video on this blog and what a great tool it is to promote your church or ministry, and we’re beginning to see a lot more non-profit organisations producing video content. From live streaming services and promo videos for events, to launching YouTube channels. As the trend continues, […]

SameVine SEO Service: Helping the church show-up in Google

It’s one thing to have a website quite another to get your website to show-up in Google. Our mission is to help churches and Christian based organisations not just get online but to succeed online, and that involves making sure they are visible in search engines. We gave you a few pointers in a previous […]

Social media and the Church

With billions of users on Facebook and many connected to social media (especially young adults) can the church afford to ignore its potential to engage new converts, promote events and communicate it’s message? Listen to Katrina Douglas co-founder of SameVine as she shares useful tips for Leaders and their Media Departments on how to get the […]

Promoting your church to win souls – Vineyard Ministry Road Show

Last month I had the honour of speaking at the first Vineyard Ministry Roadshow event.  An event designed to help leaders and church workers strengthen their ministries by providing advice on topics such as HR, finance, fundraising and marketing. The topic of my presentation was ‘promoting your church to win souls’ and the purpose was […]

Premier Digital Conference: Create a bigger church (video)

We had the honour of speaking at the 2015 Premier Digital Conference back in November and we wanted to share the video of our session with you, in case you didn’t manage to make it to the event in person. Our session was all about helping the Christian community intentionally develop their online presence and bring more people […]

5 tips for maintaining your church database

Now this isn’t the most riveting of subject matters but it is the foundation for communicating effectively with your members, visitors and other stakeholders. It’s your church database. Now I know that most churches have a database of some kind, but for the most part these databases are out of date and/or incomplete. The fact […]

5 ideas for creating sacred spaces online

As most of you will know advent is the first season of the Church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays. I was reading an article about Advent on and this statement struck me: “…the church, during Advent, looks back upon Christ’s coming in celebration while at the same time looking […]

Does your church website answer the right questions?

A significant percentage of us type questions directly in to Google as opposed to general terms. To address this Google released a search feature earlier this year, that essentially answers your question before you finish typing. So it got me thinking about how we could create websites that are more geared towards answering people’s question […]

How to promote your church: 5 tips

The options for promoting your church are endless, but before you delve into the ‘how’ it’s prudent to clarify the ‘why’. There are numerous reasons to promote your church, in fact most churches will have multiple reasons. It’s important to pin down what the most important reasons are, as the ‘why’ will determine the ‘how’. […]

Free social media tools for your church

There are a number of social media tools available to help you manage your social media more effectively and efficiently. In this post we’ll be sharing our favourites. HootSuite Social media is similar to every other form of social interaction, if you don’t speak you’ll automatically be removed from the conversation and others will simply continue […]