Free webinar: Grow a bigger church online

Receive practical advice and creative digital ideas on how to build a web presence and grow your church or ministry online Here’s what you’ll learn: ♦  The key to growing a bigger church online♦  12 tips to grow your ministry online♦  Additional resources and support♦  Why digital media and the Internet is so important to […]

How to choose the right church web presence

Deciding whether or not you need a website, is seemingly easy – in this digital age, of course you need one! However, deciding on the type of website you need, could require more thought. It is important to bear in mind at this stage that there is no right or wrong solution, what’s important is […]

What Easter Means…

What is Easter? Easter, Resurrection Sunday, celebrates the resurrection of Christ from the dead. Suprise! Forgive me, silly question, I know. We all know what Easter is but what does it mean to you? Don’t answer yet, just think about it for a second. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you […]

Introducing SameVine

First to introduce ourselves We are husband and wife team Michael and Katrina Douglas, we’ve been Christians since our teenage years and married since 2003. Michael has owned his own business and worked in the Internet industry for the past ten years as a Web Developer. His experience spans numerous sectors and ranges from micro […]

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