For years’ we’ve watched churches grapple with social media; first ignoring it, then trying it, getting confused by it and then quite often abandoning it.

We’ve seen this cycle play out time and time again so if it rings a bell, take heart, it’s not just you ☺.
But given the mammoth opportunity that social media is for the church, and knowing that we’ve been graced with the skills to help, we could not sit back and let this trend continue.

We felt compelled to do something about it, thus our social media service was born.

SameVine, originally started out as a web development services for churches in 2014, but it didn’t take us long to notice that the greater need was for social media support, so in 2016 we decided to pivot the business. What a great decision it’s been!

So, who are we…

We are husband and wife team Michael and Katrina Douglas, we’ve been Christians since our teenage years and married since 2003. Michael is an accomplished web developer with 12 years’ digital experience, working with micro businesses and global brands.

Katrina is a Chartered Marketer with over a decade of experience, she has been spear heading social media initiatives since its inception way back in 2007.

Now we’re at your service ☺