A creative and cost effective website solution

SameVine websites are created with a difference. We design and develop them to your specifications providing you with a professional, custom designed website. But then we give you access to an easy to use control panel so that you can make changes to your website content at any time, and access additional marketing tools such email newsletters, social media management and more.

Get your feature-rich, custom designed website today, with no upfront fee!

Our subscription based solutions come with no upfront design or development fees – ensuring that the website you need is affordable, accessible, and fully supported

Strengthen Relationships

Building relationships is the beginning of success! With SameVine websites we’ve made great communication tools standard, using social media integration, live chat, email marketing and more.

Simplify Church Administration

We know that church admin can be both time consuming and labour intensive so we’ve included tools to make things easier, such as database management to help you manage member information, contact management, project management tools and more.

Fundraise the easy way

Our websites allow you to collect tithes, offerings and one-off donations online, you can even launch fundraising campaigns and setup notifications that are sent to members automatically.

Increase Your Exposure

Benefit from increased exposure across search engines and the SameVine network. Find new members and gain new followers through increased exposure.

Why SameVine?

SameVine delivers custom designed websites backed by a wealth of tools developed specifically for you, whether you're a small ministry or multi-congregation church.

As a Christian company, we understand your needs, and as experienced web development and marketing professionals we understand how to leverage the Internet to improve the performance and impact that your organisation has.

The SameVine platform will transform your online presence, giving you an engaging and impactful place on the web. In short, SameVine will assist with the growth of your organisation, ministry and your members!

We are connecting the Christian Community!